An Old RV Moment — My Noisy Furnace, Part 2

BACKGROUND INFORMATION — Back in Texas, in the winter of 2007 the furnace in our RV messed up. If you missed Part 1, click here.

Fixing the Furnace–Part 2

The phone rang around 11:30 yesterday afternoon. I answered it. It turned out to be the Claims Adjuster my insurance company said would be coming by. He was standing outside of the RV, wondering if he was at the right place.
“He’s here,” I told my husband after hanging up. “The claims adjuster is outside.”
Mike went out to talk with him.
I’m thinking, now watch the furnace not make the dreadful noise.
But when the man and my husband came into the rv and Mike turned on the furnace, the noise was there for all to hear.
“It’s sounds like it might be a bearing,” the man said.
I nodded. (An old RV buddy we meant in Maryland told us the same thing. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have nodded. What the heck do I know about furnaces?)
“Can you get to it from inside?”
Mike showed him the screwed in compartment under the stove. “I tried to get the cover off, but I couldn’t.”
He couldn’t because the top screw was going in at an upward angle and the bottom one, downward.
Stupid manufacturer!
The man took the cover off and messed around inside. When Mike turned on the furnace again the noises had stopped.
“Are you sure the furnace is working?” The man asked.
“Yes,” my husband said. “Warm air is blowing out of the vents.”
“The pipe here is getting hot.”
I’m thinking, yeah, now it decides to work. (And, yes, I am that sarcastic.)
He left after taking some pictures, advising us to get it checked if it started making the noise again. If it had to be fix, call the insurance company.
The furnace worked fine last night. When it first came on during the night, it’ll squeal for a second or two before stopping.
But I’m still wondering, if we need to get it fix, will the insurance cover it?
Stupid insurance company!
It started that horrible noise the next night.
And, as of February 2011, it probably still does. We haven’t tried to use it since we lived in Texas. Thank the God Lord for relatively warm weather and space heaters.

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