Six Sentence Sunday

Another Sunday already. Thought I’d introduce you to my heroine in Renovations, Megan. Fair warning, this book is a work in progress. If you enjoyed reading my excerpt, there are plenty more at Six Sentence Sunday. Why not go and check it out?


         Oh, what have I done?

         Megan Callaway slowed her Hyundai Sonata and turned off the state road on to a dirt path leading along the edge of the fenced off plantation grounds. She pulled toward the side of the road and turned off her ignition. The hot July sun heated the top of her arm and left side as she sat frozen in her vehicle. The chilly interior soon turned to a sweat box, forcing her to reach for the door handle and slipped outside.

       She never realized July in Georgia could be so hot.


10 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Nice snippet! I’ve never been to Georgia but I imagine it’s hot! I wonder what she’s done?

  2. I’m a sun girl, so heat is all good with me. It’s the cold I can’t take. What I want to know is why she’s stopped on the road when she could be at the plantation (which presumably has air or at least ice tea and shade).

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