An Old RV Moment — My Noisy Furnace

Background info — We were in Texas, in 2007, when our furnace messed up. We were staying at a little campground outside of San Antonio. The area and people were nice but I doubt we’d ever go back to Texas. It just way too big for us.
My Noisy Furnace
It’s squeals. I turned it on and it started making this horrible noise.
And it’s been so cold here.
Today my husband asked, “Have you called the insurance company yet?”
“Well, when are you going to?” And I always thought my cats were the bigger whiners. “I’m sick of being cold. If I wanted to be this cold, I would’ve stayed in Ohio.”
I’m thinking, ‘why didn’t you? You big baby!’ I said, “Why don’t you call them? You know they’re going to want to talk to you.”
“I guess you don’t care if I freeze to death.”
Yeah, right!
“Okay,” I said. “Let me find the number.”
I found an 800 number and dialed it, wondering if it was the right number to call. A nice woman answered and I explained everything to her. She gave me a claim number and said an adjuster would call later.
“So what’s going on?”
“We have to wait for an adjuster to call.”
“And when will that be,” he asked, “Next week?”
I’m thinking, why don’t you just have a hot flash like me?
Around 3 PM, the insurance company called back and I explained the problem again.
Now all we have to do is wait for the person to come and check it out.
I hope they don’ t refuse to help out!
Frigging insurance companies anyway.

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