Six Sentence Sunday

Once again, The Treasure Myth. Susan and her Aunt Thelma are in the kitchen of the plantation house, talking about the past. I’ve added an extra sentence for you this week. If you’d like to read two more excerpts from this story, check out the last two sunday entries. (Because of the holidays, they didn’t have a listing on the blog.)

For more enjoyable excerpts from some great authors, check out Six Sentence Sunday.



           Thelma reached across the table, patting her hand roughly.  “I still can’t believe people believed you were—”

            “People can be cruel.”

            “Thank God Jed didn’t believe his friends,” the older woman said.  “You’d just turned twelve when you first arrived here; eighteen when you left for college, yet somehow everyone seemed to think you’d found the time to sleep with every man under the age of twenty-one during that short time.”  She laughed, shaking her head.  “Hell, niece, I’m sixty-four and haven’t even come close to that amount.”


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