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Thank you, Theresa, for having me on your blog. 

BLACK JAGUAR, Book Three in The Chronicles of Kassouk series, is out this month from DESERT BREEZE PUBLISHING  and is available in every available format wherever eBooks are sold (including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, ARe, Sony, Apple, etc.)

When I say I write sci-fi and romance, and often I mix the two, many readers are surprised. They are not used to seeing these two elements blended into the same story.

Sci-fi romance is not just romance in a science -fiction setting. It’s much, much more. I like my plots to be full of action and surprise twists. I like the alien elements to be an integral part of the story, not just a backdrop. The concept for this series is: What would happen if an advanced race decided to colonize a planet in a medieval stage of development? A reviewer from Coffee Time Romance likened reading BLACK JAGUAR to watching an episode of “Stargate.” She gave it a 4-cups rating. How cool is that?

Yet, unlike “Stargate,” this series is full of romantic components. Each novel is a love story sprinkled with sensual scenes from beginning to the satisfying ending. But there again, why limit the romance to Humans? Although the reader cheers for the Human population (the underdog in all the stories), it doesn’t mean I can’t play with the different races and cultures of the world I created, to generate romantic conflict. And conflict, there is plenty.

In Book One, WHITE TIGER, Tora is a butt-kicking Captain in the Human cavalry, while the hero, Dragomir, is a very sexy, mysterious, handsome, and refined Mutant spy with copper skin, long black hair, and hazel eyes that see all the way to her soul. their mutual attraction is immediate. Dragomir is a hybrid between the deified galactic race in power, and the Human population, the fruit of a genetic experiment. Of course, any union between Humans and Mutants is punishable by death. And Dragomir is working for the enemy… or is he? Didn’t I tell you lots of conflict? Yet, after many trials, these two will find their happily ever after in a logical, believable, and satisfying denouement…

In Book Two, RED LEOPARD, the hero, Terek, is a highly educated and refined Human (the exception in a world where Humans are usually kept ignorant of technology), and the heroine, Galya, is the galactic ice princess come to re-establish alien rule. She happens to look more Human than alien, and of course there are lots of important reasons for that (remember the genetic experiments in White tiger?) But I don’t want to spoil anything if you haven’t read it yet. Again, these lovers are on opposite sides of the divide. Or are they? They try to resist their mutual attraction. But thrown together through ordeals where they have to rely upon each other to survive, they learn to appreciate, and trust each other. Despite their differences, they fall in love.

In Book Three, BLACK JAGUAR, Both the hero and the heroine are Human, but with major differences. Kahuel is a dark and handsome warrior, a conqueror, a hunter, and a reformed libertine. Talina is chaste, a healer, a mind-reader, and an animal lover from a gentle native tribe. Imagine her surprise after they succumb to their attraction, when she learns that she is not his first and only to keep forever? In her people’s eyes, she has committed the unspeakable, and she is ruined. Their conflict also comes from cultural differences, but deep down, they are more similar than they realize. To spice things up, a broader conflict endangering both their societies looms, hidden in space. And how do simple Humans battle a powerful race of determined aliens? Human ingenuity. These two also learn to appreciate and trust each other as danger arises. But only after saving each other’s lives, do they finally understand they can’t live apart.

Born in France, and having traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia, I find cultural differences fascinating. So I greatly enjoy writing stories full of “what ifs” and resolving, at least in my novels, a few emotional and cultural conflicts plaguing our own societies. More books are coming in this series. BLUE LIONESS is scheduled for August 2011, and NOAH’S ARK, the prequel and last book in this series, will come out in April 2012.

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Vijaya Schartz
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