Pantser or Plotter?

Which one am I? Through trial and error (mostly error), I’m a mix of both.

When I first started to write a hundred and fifty years ago (I’m only kidding here!), I tried different ways to plot out my story. My first one was a mess, going every which way, but I did finish it eventually. (I call this a pantser.) I still remember it with fond memories. One of the secondary characters is still asking for a story of his own. I might have to give him one, just to shut  him up. For my second story I decided I needed to outline it, but I got so bored with the whole idea I never even starting writing it. I have no clue what this one was about. (And this was during my plotter stage.) It wasn’t until my fourth or fifth wip I found the way that was right for me.

Now I do a combination of both. I usually plot out a few necessary scenes that’ll get me a few chapters into the book. Then I have to stop and plot out some more. Maybe that’s why I have six unfinished books stored in my hard drive. I pulled one of them out about three times, and started to rewrite it. I’m doing that again now, for the fourth time. I know this will be the last. I finally know what I want to do with it.

Another thing I do differently is how I actually write the words. Back then, when I first started writing, I used to do my first draft longhand. It was time consuming but I needed the slower pace to get the words right. And I did have a second draft by the time I typed all that hard-to-read longhand into a Word document. (Even I had a hard time reading my writing.) Now I find it much easier to type the first draft out.

So how do you plot?