Off the top of my head

A few things.

On the good side, I’ve decided to open by blog up for guest bloggers. If you’d like a way to get your name out there, please let me know. I started a list of guest bloggers in November, but October dates are okay to. Or December. I know, I know, I only have three guest so far but I’m hoping for more.

Talking about promoting, I’m the guest blogger today at Long and Short Reviews. Why not click on the link and find out something about me? 

And on the bad news front. Take a wild guess what I found in my in-box about an hour ago.

Another rejection letter. This is not the first one I’ve received from this particular publisher, but it was one of the worse. I’m wondering how I ever sold to them in the first place. After I read it, I was so upset I momentarily thought about giving up writing. Until I thought of the last romance I sold with a synopsis and three chapters only.

Rejections are part of the writing life.

Now I’m thinking about submitting only to the line I already sold to. Even though my editor for that line sent me a rejection for a different manuscript, I know she likes my writing.

I like being a part of this publisher, however.

So how is your day going?

Have a blessed day!

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