A Little bit of more good news

I’m at the point in my life now to grab every little thing to hold on to.

One thing–an editor requested the full of my story. It’s a short sweet romance I’m hoping to sell for the Class of 85 series. I’ll have to wait six weeks until I find out if she likes it or not, but I’ve waited that long for other stories. I’ll survive.

The second thing–I’m writing again. Hopefully I’ll have a sexy Christmas story coming out. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Another small thing not to do with writing–I got a extension on paying one of my bills and a lower payment on another one.

And the all around the best news–both my husband and my credit score isn’t as bad as I was thinking. Mine is actually worse than his. (That’s what you get for putting most thing in your name.) Building up your credit isn’t easy, but it is possible.

Now if only I could find a job. I haven’t even gotten an interview yet.

Thankfully God is in control.

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