Stranded in the Walmart parking lot

No, I’m not kidding.

Not really.

Mike and I are in a bind. We left Ohio Friday in our RV to get back to Georgia. And we still haven’t made it.

No, we’re not going by wagon train.

Luck isn’t with us. I’m thinking God is trying to tell us something with all the ?hit we’ve been through with this RV. I’m thinking it’s time to hang it up, and settle down in some nice friendly campground for a year or two.


Because, since the first trip South, we’ve had bad luck with this stupid RV.

And it’s still going on with yet another flat tire.

Friday night the outside right tire blew. We got a new tire but had to wait until Monday morning to get the thing mounted on the rim and back on the RV. (We have roadside service through our RV insurance but they wanted way to much money. We should’ve stayed with Good Sam Emergency Service instead of going with a cheaper plan.) One of my family members loaned us a few hundred dollars to get us to GA. It would’ve been just enough if luck would’ve suddenly turn good for us.

It didn’t.

The second tire blew Monday night, around the same time as the first one on Friday.  The inside right tire of the RV.  This time we were almost out of Virginia, in the middle of a long block of road with nothing on it. We had to go a good eleven miles to get to the nearest Walmart. But luck was with us, on the other side of I95 was a truck stop where we got a new tire which cost more than the first one.

There goes all the money we borrowed.

Now we are sitting in NC, waiting on our last check from Yogi Bear. Hopefully it’ll get here before they kick us off the parking lot. So far Good Sam Mail hasn’t received it from PA. We’re going to have it sent to the Parkwood Station of the post office, here in Wilson, NC. Mike had to disconnect the car to go on a  recon mission to find the office, to get the zip code. (I wrote it down somewhere but I forgot what it is. I think it’s 27893.)

Okay, so I was getting tired of this life.

Mike is now as tired as I am.

So we’ve decided to stay in GA for at least a year.

The one and only good thing is I checked our bank account and found out we have more money in checking than I thought.

And I haven’t given up on God.

Please prayer for us!

UPDATE: I just found out Good Sam Mail got and sent our last check to the post office here.

Now I’m going to start praying we don’t get another flat ten miles from Savannah.


2 thoughts on “Stranded in the Walmart parking lot

  1. Oh my! That’s awful. We’ve had blown out tires on our camper but so far we’ve never been stranded. Hang in there!

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