Finished–and still waiting

I put the end on my newest first draft about a week ago. Now I’m waiting for my critique partners to get back to me on the crit of the first two chapters. This one is short and sweet with older characters meant for a special series with The Wild Rose Press. I actually enjoyed writing it even though the hero and heroine didn’t even so much as kiss.  I’m going to finish one of the two I started that I plan on submitting to Whispers. My stories with that publishers are short but not even close to sweet. (My husband actually read my second release with them, and liked it.)


And, for the still waiting part of the blog title, I didn’t get any answer on my submission of Saving Pale Moon. This is a longer western contemporary that I finished a few years ago. ) I should hear from them soon. Hopefully it’ll be good news because I like the thought of being published with this newer publishers. I think this particular book fits their guidelines well.

Oh, well, my fingers are still crossed.

(Hard to type with crossed fingers.)

Six more weeks (I think) until Labor Day. My husband and I are going back to Georgia a few days after the holiday. Right now we’re working at a campground in PA, doing a job I’m not too thrilled about. But it’s a job, right? Mike usually goes back into security and I find what I can find. I’m a bit worried with the economy the way it is now, but things will work out. They always do.

So how was you week?


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