I hate promoting

Not really.

But it’ll be so much easier if I had access to reliable internet service. Right now I’m living in a mountainous region of PA, so I have to go to the library about ten miles away or sit on the front porch of the campground in order to get online. I’m not all that thrilled about either option. (I’m at the library now.)

Other than hating promoting my books, what else is new with me?

Well, The Gift is out now. You can get it by clicking here.  Why not go and check out the excerpt?  (It’s only about 90 pages long.) If you like shorter books, you might like this one. I love the publisher’s new website. I think it’s great. You can check it out at Whispers Publishing.

As far as my writing goes, I’m a chapter away from finishing my Class of ’85 romance for The Wild Rose Press. I only have the ending to write. I’m going to start submitting chapters to my critique group soon. I got stuck on how my heroine was going to tell the hero he’s got a twenty-four year old son.  (Yeah, I know she should have told him twenty-three years ago.) Lilly wasn’t talking. She finally told him today in chapter five, and now Trevor is acting strange. He’s not getting upset like I expected him to.  Stupid story people, taking over the story.

So how has you summer been going?

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