The Gift is out

Dana is ten years older than Ben. She may be confused and unsure about many things, but getting involved with this younger man isn’t one of them.

Unfortunately Ben isn’t listening.

He wants her.

And he always gets what he wants.

The Gift is out now at Whispers Publishing. You can get it by clicking

Check out the excerpt below:

“I don’t want you to leave yet.”

 Swishing sounds signaled the movement of the heavy material as he flipped the towel away from his wet body and wrapped it securely around his waist. Her eyes closed at the sound and her body froze in place. A big part of her wanted to sneak a peek at him. A bigger part told her to keep her focus on the creamy bathroom wall.

 His fingers caressed down her back and she twisted around toward him. He stepped back at her abrupt move. Frustration crinkled the skin around his eyes now, showing her the man she’d met on the road that day. The strong, capable deputy sheriff had been replaced by the sex-starved man she’d met the day after she settled into her trailer.

 “I liked you better the way you were the day we first met.”

 His head jerked backward at her comment. “I haven’t changed.”

 She ignored his comment. “You were a professional then, stopping to make sure a citizen was all right.”

 “Aunt Clara called me. ” Bewilderment deepened his voice. “She told me you were in trouble.”

 She still ignored him. “The next day you came by with some friends and helped me set up my trailer. You won my friendship then, Ben.”

 “I know that.”

 “Then you lost it.” She glanced up at him now. “Your whole attitude changed toward me. You scared me.”

 His body stiffened. “Scared you? How?”

 “No man has ever wanted me like you do,” she whispered. “Not even my husband.” Her heart pounded in her chest as she forced out her words. If she wanted to have a real relationship with this man, she needed to be truthful with him now. “I don’t know how to take you when we’re alone. It’s safer for me when someone else is around us. I’m not hiding from you because I don’t want to have anything to do with you; I’m hiding because I do. And that frightens me.”

 There she’d said it.

 “Because I scare you?”

 “No, it’s because I scare me.”

                If you’d like a short, fast, sexy read, why not get The Gift?  Here’s the buy link again:

                I think you’ll enjoy it.


One thought on “The Gift is out

  1. Hi Theresa! I just saw this book up on FictionWise and read excerpts and thrilled to read this one! Do you have a web site and/or newsletter so I can know when you have new books out and find out what books you have out now? Thanks!
    Cathiecaffey (at) gmail (dot) com

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