Made it!

And thankfully, I made it without any mishaps.

It didn’t start out that way, however.

When we unhooked our electrical power, we found out the cord had been fried. So we had to go to the Camping World in route to buy another plug for the RV power supply. We also had a hard time finding a gas station with strong enough power to pump up the tires. We found one that charged us a dollar but it didn’t have enough power. (What a rip-off!) After getting the plug from Camping World, we stopped at an Enmark station and pumped up the tires for free.

Yes, some things are still free.

We stayed at a Wal-Mart overnight in North Carolina in a town called Elkin. It was hot–Mike was afraid to plug the electrical cord into the generator–but he finally decided to do it. (The poor guy was miserable.) The generator works great. We turned it off when we went to sleep and it soon got hot again. Thank God it cooled down in the middle of the night. I actually wrapped up in a blanket and slept well.

On the second day out we didn’t have any mishaps, either. Mike keep pointing out all the places we had problems when we left Georgia last year. I told him to stop it. We were within twenty-five or thirty miles of the campground when Mike made his first mistake. He missed a turn-off onto the PA turnpike and he had to find a place to turn around. It’s not easy turning in a 31′ RV towing a Saturn on a small county road, but he managed to do it. The last ten or so miles seemed like it would never end as we traveled up and down this hilly county route. Mike was getting mad because I keep sighing and waving my hands around. We’ll get there, he kept telling me. It’s just around the next bend. When I saw the trailer on the hill, I finally relaxed.

Oh, well.

We made it.

Without killing each other. 🙂

Right now we’re in a temporary spot at Yogi, waiting for the owner to clear up the spot we’ll be staying in. Even though we told them we’ll be arriving on May 1st, they weren’t ready for us. We haven’t started working yet but hopefully we will this weekend.

Oh, and just like last year at Scottyland, we have no cell reception or internet.We have to go to the park office to use the campground’s free WiFi or the Connellsville library.

I’m at the library now because Mike’s looking up his family history again.

Enough of traveling, now a bit of promotion. My second book with Whispers Publishing is coming out May 28. It’s called The Gift. I haven’t got the cover yet but when I do I’ll post it here.

Some other news–I got another rejection for Saving Pale Moon. I’m not too unhappy about that one because I realized (after submitting it) that the company and my writing style don’t mash. I redid the submissions and sent it to Carina Press, the electronic part of Harlequin. Hopefully I’ll have some good news. (I think it’s a good match for a Superromance.) My dream is the editor at Carina will realize what  a good match it is to a Super and pass it on to one of the editors of that line.

Hey, I can dream.

Keeping my fingers crossed.


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