On My Way to PA

Gonna be traveling for the next two days? My husband and I are going to PA to start new jobs at a Yogi Bear Jellystone Park-Resort. We’ll be leaving tomorrow morning whenever we feel like it. Usually we get up early and tear down the RV, hock-up the car and take off. One cat sits on my lap for the whole trip; the other one goes in the bedroom and hides under the blanket. Before the got used to traveling, they cried and whined. I like what they do now better. Even though the cat on my lap is a big fatty–about twenty pounds.

Some bad news? I haven’t been writing anything new lately.  But I do have a good excuse. We are traveling almost six hundred  miles.

But I do have some good news? I finished the edits of The Gift and am waiting for the cover right now. And some other good news? I sent out the requested full of Saving Pale Moon to Pink Petal Books.

Would you like to know where Mike and I will be leaving until September or October, check out the Yogi Bear website?  I’ll post a blog here about my trip in a few days. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as my trip to Georgia last year.


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