Crying big old tears

Remember the Blogmania thing going on all day April 3oth?

Well, I have some bad news. I had to bow out of it. I don’t want to do it because I was really looking forward to it. Yet I have no choice. I tried to find a way to stay a part of this great promotion  but it’s not to be.

Because I’ll be traveling on that day.

You see my husband and I have a job at a campground in PA,  and our boss wants us there my the first of May.  We’re leaving GA on April 3oth.

A bit of information–Mike and I live full-time in an RV.  We work in different campgrounds in the north and travel south for the winter months. And we need the job.

But not to worry I’m planning on having my own giveaway sometimes in May to make up for dropping out of Blogmania. So please kept checking this blog? You may find a chance to win some great things?

And on a good note? I finished the critiques of Saving Pale Moon and have submitted the complete manuscript to Mary at Pink Petal Books.

So in May I may have some good news?

Keeping my fingers crossed.

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