BlogMania on April 30

This blog is on the list.

You’ve got to check it out on April 30. You could win a bunch of great prizes by leaving a comment on the participating blogs. All you need to do is go to one of the BlogMania blogs and start clicking.

So what am I giving away?  I’m still deciding on the prizes but I will be giving away an ebook copy of my two releases and of my May release from Whispers. I’m also thinking of adding something that links to all three of my books. Probably something to do with the settings–California, Alaska and Georgia. I’ll keep you posted.

Want to find out more? Just click on the BlogMania badge on the right.

BlogMania is coming!


One thought on “BlogMania on April 30

  1. OMG…are you guys in Savannah?! We were just there for hubby’s job. We were there for St. Patrick’s Day, but we stayed in an RV park in Hardeeville, SC.

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