Wish I could stop time for a bit

I’ve got so much to do.

Right now I’m editing Sandy’s book for Eirelander Publishing. I’m about halfway through it. Interesting read called The Deceived.  I’m trying to get it done before my editor at Whispers sends me the first edit of my May release with them, The Gift. And I’m also trying to finished critiquing Saving Pale Moon to send it to Pink Petal Books. They requested the full about  a week ago. The owner knows I’m in the middle of getting it critiqued so she’s in no hurry to receive it. I have twelve out of seventeen chapters up at my online crit group now, and have gotten at least one crit on ten of them. The heroine of Saving Pale Moon is the sister of the heroine of A Perfect Man for Allie. I gave up on that romance after ten or so rejections but might attempt a rewrite on it and send it to Pink Petal. That is, if they like Saving Pale Moon.  There are two other sisters I plan to write stories for. I’m hoping to get all of this done before May.

Why is that, you’re asking? It’s because I’m leaving for PA then. My husband and I have a job waiting for us there for the summer. We live in an RV and travel around the country. Right now we’re in Georgia. I’d rather stay right here but my husband likes to travel. Me, I’m hoping the RV has an electrical problems, forcing us to spend the summer in Savannh too. You see when we replaced the battery a few months ago none of the lights were working.  (I’d hate to  have to repair the wiring systems but we might have to) He wants me to get a job. If I find one I’m not planning on leaving it. I’m tired of moving.

Hey, maybe this Progressive government messing up the country will start even another entitlement program, and give us all jobs.

Never mind.  I don’t want anything from this government.

So how’s your life going lately?


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