I really need to finish one of these.

Just for fun I thought I’d write out the beginnings of all  my first drafts and unfinished manuscripts stored on my hard drive.

The Gift–a sexier contemporary romance that is now being critique.

     Damn fool woman.

     Deputy Ben Washington was dying here, and all she wanted was friendship.

     Maybe he was the fool.

Saving Pale Moon–a more traditional contemporary romance. I’m reworking the ending of this one.

     Hunter Ranch, the sign above the entrance read. 

     She’d finally made it to her birth mother’s home

     Jessica Callaway stopped the rented Ford F150 near the entrance of the large ranch. Newly mowed grass and a level-load of loose stones surrounding the gate greeted her blurred vision.  Black iron steel, shaped into the letters HR with life-like horses floating toward either end, rose above her head as she entered the drive. She pulled the truck toward a split-rail fence and relaxed her hands around the wheel. Abby Hunter lived here.

(Jessie Callaway is the youngest sister of the heroine in A Perfect Man for Allie.)

See last entry of this post.

Passionate Spirits–a light paranormal. I toned this down and have now decided to go with my original plot. Major rewrite here. (This is my first attempt at writing a paranormal.)

            “It’s too damn tight.”

            “Would you hold still, Jen?”

            “No way in hell did women in the 1800s wear dresses this tight.”  Jen Ferguson glanced at her grinning friend, dragging in a deeper breath.  Barb pulled the two ties of the garment together, clinching her waist even tighter inside the punishing material.  Why she ever decided to get involved with the historical living area was beyond her.  “I doubt even prostitutes wore clothes this tight.”

(I really like the beginning of this one.) But I hate this title.

And now for the unfinished ones.

A Search for Forgiveness–a sexy contemporary romance. (Her two best friends also have stories.)

     Cass Rogers feared her temper would overwhelm her, would send her screaming at the top of her lungs into the crowded streets. She needed to get her anger under control before she did something really crazy. Like strangled that damn lawyer. Dragging in a cleansing breath, she peered out the window of the diner for another second, seeing nothing but the shadowy reflection of an unhappy, pissed-off woman.

         “Maybe you misunderstood.” Martina settled the hot coffee pot on the edge of the table before sliding her thin body into the booth.  “Maybe you should talk to him in person.”

         Cass shook her head, refusing to look toward her best friend.  “I don’t want to talk to him.  Why would he do something like this?”

False Allegations–a romantic suspense without much suspense. I need to make the allegations clearer.

     Barb Granger almost kept going straight on I-95 toward South Carolina, bypassing the turn-off to the campground completely.

     Yet she didn’t.

     She almost pulled to the side of the road within a mile of the Georgia RV Park as she slowly maneuvered the powerful Dodge RAM down the curvy road. Parked recreational vehicles came into view as she pressed her foot on the brake.

(This is only my second attempt at writing a romantic suspense. The first book I ever finished, way back in the 1980s, was a romantic suspense.)

‘Nough said about that.

Rosie’s Father-an erotic romance set in the future. This is my current manuscript. I’m debating on making this a series of three shorter romances or one long one.

       The male newborn’s cry pierced the air of the office the moment Amy Gale placed the tip of her needle onto his arm. Her finger gently caressed over the top of his still pink head as she lifted it from his skin and glanced up at the grinning nurse. “Hold him still, Mary.”

     “He’s a frisky one, isn’t he?” the elder matron said. “Maybe this little one will be different.”

     Amy only shook her head. Yes, he is loud and strong.

I plan on changing the name of this one, too.

Winning His Daughter–a contemporary romance.

           Madeline Grant had to be nuts.

            What had she been thinking?  Why had she decided to order this new line of sleepwear anyway?  Boxes of the sexy, provocative lingerie lined the hall on either side of her back office.  Soft, colorful teddies with matching silk scarves and blindfolds fell from one of the opened boxes, settling on top of an assortment of lotions and oils meant to enhance any woman’s lovemaking.

           She liked the stuff, but would the rest of Greenfield feel the same?

Maddie is the best friend of Cass in A Search for Forgiveness.

(Both heroes in this book, and her friend’s story, are cowboys.)

Rogersville’s Ghost–my first attempt at writing an erotic paranormal.

         Susan Nichols remembered this man.  Hard as the wood and steel of the hammer clamped in his rough hands, coarse as the splintered and jagged floor under his bent knees, ten years hadn’t changed him at all.  Unwanted memories flowed into her mind, memories of hands as soft as a piece of silk, of loving words echoing from a deep bass voice.

           She would recognize Jed Forrest anywhere. “What are you doing here?”

            “Who’s asking?”

(My Muse is yelling at me about this one now.)

I’m probably going to finish this one after Rosie’s Father.

Untitled–a sexy contemporary romance.

     “That bastard.”

     “What bastard are you talking about, Angie?”

     Angie Weaver glanced over at the small red-headed woman standing beside her. Emmie closed up her register before handing the grinning regular customer her bag. The older woman nodded at Angie as she grabbed the handle of the plastic bag and headed toward the entrance door. Her clerk waved good-bye to the departing shopper. Turning toward her with a questioning look in her eyes, she leaned into the counter. “Well?”

     Angie shouldn’t have said anything.

(I deleted the entire first scene of this romance.)

And last, the one I’m totally sick of now.

The Perfect Man for Allie–a contemporary romance that I’m tired of submitting and of editing.

            No matter how low-key and together a woman thinks she is, she can still lose her cool. Allison Callaway was close to that point with this frustrating aide. “Who are you complaining about now?”
            “Miss Wanda.” The young girl pressed her hand onto her protruding belly, rubbing the rounded swell of it. “She won’t stay in bed.”
            “Did you do as I told you to do earlier?” Allie glanced down at her pen. “Give her some milk and a snack?”

And, yes, there is a reason for my reaction to this one. My computer messed up and I lost the first half of the romance, so I had to rewrite it. (Thankfully the last few chapters were still saved in my folder at my online crit group.) Then I sold it to a company that decided to close it’s door to new manuscript. (I got back the rights for it.) Then it was rejected by three or four different electronic publishers.

Time to let it go.

So have you ever let a book go?



One thought on “I really need to finish one of these.

  1. I have a lot of unfinished work on my hard drive but that’s mostly because a lot of it is from school and I started first and second chapters without any kind of plan or forward thinking and then promptly got myself stuck. That doesn’t mean I won’t ever go back to these stories and consider the characters and plan out a plot from them. I may or may not get there.

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