Just a little blurb

Even though I’m still waiting on my cover for A Betrayal of Friendship, I thought I’d give you a blurb of it here. This romance will be released January 22, 2010 at Whispers Publishing. I’m hoping to get the the cover soon, so I can post it.



A BLURB:    

      “You never wanted to touch me before.”

      “You’re wrong.” Before Mace could silence the words, he added, “I’ve always wanted you.”

      “But you hate me.”

      He needed to stop this now.  He needed to force the conversation to different ground, safer ground.  If she ever found out the true reason he’d left her two years ago, only weeks after his brother’s funeral, she’d never be able to forgive him.

     “Tell me the truth,” a tentative hand landed on his arm.  “I need to know that truth.”

     No, the truth is the last thing you need. 


    He needed to change the subject—and quickly.  The plane!  “Pam was right.”

    Charlene’s back went rigid at the female name. 

    “She told me and Billy you crashed the plane.”  He ignored her astonished look and bent down to stare at the dented wing tip.  “Looks like I’ve a mess to fix up here.”

      Her temper flared.  “No, Hamilton, I have a mess to fix not you.”

      “You?”  He was being unfair, and he knew it, but he needed to stop her tears.  If she cried, he’d be lost.  He hadn’t return to Kodiak after all this time just to get her to cry.  He wanted her smile.  Anger would do. “Yeah, right, like a woman can fix this,” placing his hand on the damaged wing, “good enough to fly it back to Kodiak.”

      “Why you—” She smothered her harsh words.  “I can’t talk to you now.”  She glared at him before she turned and raced toward the safety of the clinic.

      At least the hint of tears had left her eyes, replaced by more violent emotions.

      Unfortunately, even filled with that McIntire exasperation, the woman affected him way too much.

     Mason was in deep trouble.

Stay tuned.

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