And number two!

 Well, you won’t believe what I found while reading through some of the blogs listed in my blogroll.  You guessed it. Another review. This one is from WRDF and was reviewed by Tabatha Franc.

Here is my second review in full–
Title: One And The Same

Author: Theresa Stillwagon  

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Contemporary Champagne Rosebud   Rating: Spicy

ISBN: 1-60154-351-4



Ex-actress Kate Williams visits with her friend to discuss a possible acting role. High-powered executive, Matthew Hunter, thinks she’s in town for more than just a discussion. He thinks she’s the newest means the show’s producers are using to get him to financially back the show. This time their plan might work. After all, he had been half in love with the former actress for years. Matt thinks all Kate wants from him is his money. Kate thinks all Matt wants from her is her body. Will they ever be able to get past their beliefs?



After Kate’s husband passed away she felt colder towards men. Kate felt that no one could see past the character she had once played. The fact that Erin, Kate’s friend, is missing does not seem to hinder the intense chemistry between Matt and Kate. They have a deal with Matt’s mother and her friends, Ester and Grace, playing matchmaker. Erin had asked for money from Matt and Matt thinks that’s why Kate showed up. Kate thinks that Matt only enjoys her body because of a role she once played. You have to wonder through this story if both Matt and Kate will ever really give in to the attraction. Theresa Stillwagon gave a story that made the reader see past just words and into the lives of the characters.

 Reviewed by Tabatha Franc

Thank you Tabatha.


2 thoughts on “And number two!

  1. Yeah. Sure. Another gratuitous review from WRDF.

    For goodness sake, that’s the last place I’d advertise a review from.

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