So did I manage my goals?

Yes and no.

In my last post I gave five goals (plus one).  How did I do?

Well, I did manage to email my editor at The Wild Rose Press to find out how to submit my new manuscript. Unfortunately I misunderstood.  I sent her a synopsis and the first three chapters of A Betrayal of Friendship, but she wanted the full manuscript. I sent it out about a week ago. So that means I’ve achieved three other goals. Finishing the final edit, write a synopsis, and reread both manuscript and synopsis before sending it out. 

Now I just need to have patience–and wait.

I’ve also sent out an older manuscript called The Perfect Man for Allie to a new electronic publisher.  I sent a synopsis, first three chapters, and the last two chapters to Desert Breeze Publishing on January 29, and the editor-in-chief, Gail, ask me to send the full manuscript on Feb. 17.   Her email to me was actually the second one she sent. She sent the first one on–believe it or not–Jan. 29. Stupid email anyway!

Now I’m sitting here waiting on two answers.  Hopefully both will be an offer of a contract.

So what about my sixth goal? Finishing One Last Ride?

One thing is I changed the name and focus of this book.  The name is now Jamie’s Father and I’ve pretty much rewrote the first couple of chapters. The old stuff (after Jamie shows up will still be the same, I hope) but I changed the beginning to set up the new conflict. Now the conflict between Maddie and Ethan is his ten year old daughter. I like this story, but I’ve decided to put it aside until I  finish my romantic suspense called Gift. It’s going through critiques now even though it isn’t even written yet.

I need to stick to one of these romances and finish it.

So how is your writing going?

Oh, and just a reminder, One and the Same is out on March 4. Check The Wild Rose Press website.


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