Cover and Blurb of One and the Same

oneandsame_w2526_300Ex-actress Kate Williams only wants to visit with her friend to discuss a possible acting role.  High powered executive, Matthew Hunter, thinks she’s in town for more than just a discussion.  He thinks she’s the newest means the show’s producers are using to get him to financially back the show. This time their plan might work.  After all, he had been half in love with the former actress.

Matt thinks all Kate wants from him is his money.

Kate thinks all Matt wants from her is her body.

Will they ever be able to get past their beliefs?

Released on March 4

The Wild Rose Press


2 thoughts on “Cover and Blurb of One and the Same

  1. thewritefactor says:

    I like the cover…did you post it to critters and I missed it? I’m sorry, I try to keep up. I’m sure you’ll be happy with WRP, I’ve heard only great things about them.


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