One Woman’s Progress–Part 3

One of my critique partners just finished critiquing my sexy contemporary called A Betrayal of Friendship.  I’m looking forward to reading over her comments and changing stuff around in the final chapters. The first three are good to go, I hope. The last seven still need some work especially the last two.

By next week I hope to have the synopsis for Betrayal written, the editting finished, and the email with attachments sent to be editor, Cindy, at The Wild Rose Press.

So how am I going to manage that when I can’t seemed to get off the internet?

One small step at a time:

  • I need to email Cindy and ask her how to submit.
  • Finish final edits
  • Write the synopsis
  • Read over entire book and synopsis one last time
  • Send it out.

Then I’m on to my second goal for the year–finish writing One Last Ride.

I read in an email I received today that breaking up a big goal into smaller ones made it easier to finish your projects.  I have these steps written on a piece of paper, sitting by my computer. When I finish one step I can easily cross it off the list.

I’ll try anything once.


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