Why have I decided to self-publish?

This particular book took me over five years to finish.  Since then I’ve finished/started ten or so more romances, ones I like so much better than this one. 

This particular book has gone through many rewrites.  (I’m going through one now, based on the responses from the latest rejection letter.)  In fact one of  the rewrites was a major one.  Three years ago I dropped my laptop (yes, dropped my laptop) on the kitchen floor and messed up the CD-Rom drive.  I didn’t save any of my books into the hard drive.  I lost everything.  Thankfully  the last half of the book was still online, in my critique group folder, so I just downloaded it and redid the suggested changes.  When I finished rewriting it, I’d cut a good 20,000 words.  (Unnecessary words!)

And it was a better book.

It still is a better book.

I’ve decided to go with Lulu.  I love that place.  I downloaded the manuscript and made a cover for it, but I haven’t released it for the public to buy yet because I still have about half the book to reread. 

A bit of history–Original the book was called The Middle Daughter then I changed it to If Promises were Kept, and now it’s The Perfect Man for Allie. 

If you’re interest in self-pubishing, check out http://www.lulu.com

Women do have the right to change their minds after all, even back again.

I promise I won’t be changing it again.


4 thoughts on “Why have I decided to self-publish?

  1. I suggest using Google documents in which to store you r work.

    After all, you can’t guarantee you won’t again drop your computer, and lose the results of all your hard work.

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