It’s a Woman’s Right…

 …to change her mind.

So I’m going to do it.

Recently I made the crazy decision to release my much rejected romance, THE PERFECT MAN FOR ALLIE, as a self-published book.  I was only going to self-publish this one book and continue to submit my other romances to The Wild Rose Press.  Yet somehow my thinking started to change.  Somehow I’d decided to self-publish all of my books.

Until yesterday when I reread one of my yet-to-be finished stories, and realized it would work as a Wayback, Texas romance.  It’s a major rewrite, another one for me, yet I’m doing it.  It’s the right thing for me to do.

Because I want to be a Rose.

I found an old post I’d written a few months ago, about redoing another (finished) romance entitled A BETRAYAL OF FRIENDSHIP.  This is the way I feel now. 


Really, I don’t.
But I will.
I’ve gotten five or six critiques, by five or six critique partners, and all of them have helped me to rewrite my Men from Alaska book, “A Betrayal of Friendship”.  Yet the first one I get (on the revised chapters) from a new member of the on-line critique group gets me thinking of how I need to change two major things.  She’s gotten me to think of why my hero (Mace) decided to return to his hometown now.  With the plotting clearer, I realized I needed to make him bossier and demanding toward the heroine.  (He thinks he’s being helpful.)   The second thing I need to change is the way he is with the ladies.  This part of his character I’m going to have to change completely.  The past part is okay but not the present.  My heroine (Charlene) remembers him as a man who liked the ladies, but having him actually making love to one of them now is wrong.  You see, he’s returned to make things right with Charlene.  He’s returned because he loves her.
And as for Charlene, I need to change one major thing about her too.  I  have her signing a letter (I guess it could be considered a legally binding document, even though I didn’t want it to be.) with the doctor, promising”to be” there for  him in any way.  I’ve decided Charlene isn’t that dumb.  Part of the plot is Charlene flying the doctor to one of the remote villages on Kodiak Island, AL.  He’s agreed to take care of the villagers for a year.  In return a part of his student loan will be deleted from his total amount.  Charlene was instrumental in getting him to agree to do it, and he believes she promised him more than just a plane ride to the village.  He thinks she promised him sex.  (A misunderstanding that will cause her problems with Mace.)
I love my critique partners, but I’m not to happy with the idea of tearing my first two chapters apart and rewriting them.  
Oh, well, writing is mostly rewriting.
To be truthful, it only took me four weeks to write this book.  And I finished a long futurist story in the same time period.
Revisions are necessary.
More later.


I’ve set this book aside to finish the Wayback story.  I also have another shorter, sexier romance I’ll need to revise too. 

Last winter I finished one long romance and two shorter ones plus a short story.  I wrote all of them at the same time.

I’m never going to do that again.

So how do you write?  Can you write more than one new book at a time?  Or do you have to finish one before starting another?  Do you edit one while writing another?  Comments welcome!

Oh, I have a MySpace page now.  If you’d like to befriend me, why don’t you click on the link?  The last time I checked I only had five friends.


One thought on “It’s a Woman’s Right…

  1. The hardest part for me is making a decision and sticking with it. I may have a different outlook tomorrow which skews my thinking. I have a paranormal floating around in my brain but I really need to work on my current ms.

    Good luck…I’ll work on crits this weekend so let me know what you need first.


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