Self-Publishing–Should I or Shouldn’t I?

I’ve registered with Lulu, and downloaded the first three chapters to one of my romances. (I met to download the entire book but hit the wrong document in Word.) So far it’s there for my eyes only. I think I only want to try this with THE PERFECT MAN FOR ALLIE. I’m not giving up on the traditional route yet. Recently I sent the second book I sold to LoveStruck Books to The Wild Rose Press and am hoping for a different result.

So why would I consider self-publishing this book?

It’s been rewritten four or five times.
It’s been rejected five or six times by different publisher, both print and electronic.
I love it!
It’s about the sister of the one I just finished writing.
I think it’s a great book.

And, the most important reason–

It was already sold to LoveStruck Books. The company decided to stop releasing new books a month before my original release date.
And I trust those women’s taste.

I started thinking about releasing this particular book through a week or so after receiving an offer by Dorrance Publishing. Seems one of the researchers working for them found my manuscr i pt at the copywrite office and the company sent me a letter asking to read it. I was intrigued so I got on their website and sent away for the free booklet. I decided not to send them my work because they’ll publish anyone’s stuff. (I’m not that desperate yet.) I doubt I’ll ever be. Sure I’d like to see my name on the cover of my very own printed book, but I also want people to read and enjoy it. I got rid of the booklet.

Lulu seems different. For one thing, it’s within my budget. It’s free!

So what do you think? If anyone has any thoughts on the matter, I would love to hear them?

4 thoughts on “Self-Publishing–Should I or Shouldn’t I?

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  2. A lot of people go the self-publishing route the first time out, but six rejections is nothing! I think you should keep on sending out to every editor and every agent you can find.

    Another consideration is the financial aspect. Self-publishing is not cheap, even if you do POD. I’m going to send you some info I used for my writers group. It’ll give you the pros and cons.

  3. Hey, free is good. It can’t hurt to keep submitting though. I agree with chicki…so many pubbed authors talk about years of rejections. Perseverance is the key.

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