My current work in progress is finished.


Although everything that could happen to a person, happened to me this past month or so, I’ve managed to put ‘the end’ to The Pale Moon.  Not even a horrible rejection, a broken furnace in the RV, car trouble, and a husband who talked and talked and talked because he couldn’t make it to work last night, could stop me from finishing the first draft of the manuscript.

So what now?

For the next two or so weeks, I’m going to put The Pale Moon out of my mind.  I’ll probably concentrate on doing critiques for my wonderful critique partners then start another romance for the Wayback, Texas series for the  Yellow Rose line at The Wild Rose Press.  My hero and heroine have been pestering me for the past week to get to writing their story.  Gillian Rogers is a bookstore owner with a need for operating cash to expend her business and Jack Fontaine is a ex-rodeo clown/bullfighter with a need to find forgiveness for something that happened ten years ago.   When he meets Gillian at the Bluebonnet Cafe in Wayback one Thursday afternoon, and overhears an interesting conversation with the waitress, he figures out a way to do just that.  The first chapter is already written in my head.  Hopefully I can transfer it to the Word screen. 

Oh, I just love it when my characters talk to me.


2 thoughts on “Yes!

  1. Another accomplishment! That’s wonderful — even with all the distractions.

    Yes, take a few weeks away from that story and at least start making notes on the new one. You don’t want to lose any of those thoughts.

    Proud of you, girl.

  2. You go girl!! I agree with Chicki…get started on the next and then you’ll have fresh eyes when you start editing! I’ll be happy to just finish my stupid chapter.

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