At Least 3500 More Words to go

The Pale Moon is almost done.  I have to finish up one scene where Jessie finds out who her birth father is and redo two or three scenes already written to fit in with the new ending of the book before I can get to the last part. 

I’m getting excited!

But I’m also getting so sick of this story.  The last few pages I’ve written seemed forced.  I have to force myself to turn on the computer, to click on Word, to click on Jessie’s Story (the folder name for this book), literally to place my hands on the keyboard and start typing.  I have to force myself not to read my e-mails or check Yuwie.  But I manage to do it.  And the newer stuff is not all bad.  So I must be doing something right because when I reread it the next hour or day it sounds fine to me.  In fact the love scene I just finished writing between Blake and Jessie is lovely.  Everything seems to be setting into place for my long-suffering characters.

I’m still not sure why the ending of the book is fighting me, however.  Usually I get tired of the plot and character way before the second to the last chapter. 

So how do you get past the ‘I can’t stand this book anymore’ sickness? 

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