Is There Any More Original Ideas Left?

Whether or not you want to believe it, no author has a completely original idea for a book.  
Within the past year I’ve found out two (Yes, two different ones.) authors have books out with a storyline a lot like one of my finished, yet still uncritiqued m/s and one of the WIP(works in progress) I’m working on now.  
One of my finished manuscript (but as yet uncritiqued) has a younger hero.  And my current WIP, A Pale Moon, has an adopted heroine meeting her birth mother for the first time.  When she meets the hero, she believes he’s her brother.  (He’s not, of course!) 
Both of these ideas have been done recently by two other writers released by my old publisher, LoveStruck Books.
So what am I to do?
On one of  my yahoo groups, there was a recently, very lively discussion about similar ideas and plot outlines between all ready published and the WIP of the group’s members.  And it seems most of us have found ourselves in the same place.  
But I’m not going to worry about it.  With the younger man book, I’ve decided to concentrate on her thinking the guy won’t like being with her because she believes she couldn’t keep him satisfied.  After all how could she possibly keep a younger man interested when she couldn’t keep her husband of seven years interested, a man her same age.  (Her deceased husband had an affair.)
In the second romance, I’m going to concentrate on the hero’s belief he’s just like his birth father.  No woman has ever wanted to have anything to do with him once they find out who is father really is–a ex-rodeo star who is now the town drunk.  The heroine thinks his adopted father has more to do with who he is than a man who’d walked out on him and his birth mother when he was three years old.  She just doesn’t understand why he’s so set on pushing her away because of a donation of sperm. 
But anyway, what difference does it make if two people think of the same basic plot?  Every writer puts their own twist on a story, making it completely their own.  No two people come from the same place or see things the same way.  And as long as you can write, which I know I can, someone will be willing to read it.

I can’t wait to finish this romance, by the way.  The story I have sneaking in my head now about a rodeo clown and a librarian is getting louder and louder.  Recently I read an article about Rhonda Pender, one of The Wild Rose Press owners, and it lead me to a yahoo group set up for the new Wayback, Texas series.  I can’t wait to get started on this new one.


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