Maybe I Should’ve Told Them

I just finished checking my e-mail, and I still haven’t received the one from The Wild Rose Press editor I’ve been waiting for.

Oh, well, there’s always tomorrow.

Maybe tomorrow will be the day my dreams come true (again).  I hope so because I sent the first three chapters of “If Promises were Kept” to the editor Nov. 23.  I should be hearing back from them soon. Yet I’m wondering now if I should have told them in my cover letter I’d already sold this book to LoveStruck Press.  I lost that contract when the publishing company closed it’s door to new releases.  The rights were reverted back to me. I don’t really know why I didn’t tell them.  To me, it just seemed the wrong thing to do.  I didn’t want them to decide for or against it because of that fact.  Personally I think it’s a wonderful story, full of family, friends and a sexy romantic story.  There’s also a dash of danger.

But maybe I should have said something.

What would you have done?

Oh, well, enough of this complaining, I have a book to put The End too.  And I only have until the end of this month to get it done.


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