Check out the Answers to Some Questions!

Because finishing and selling a book isn’t the end of the road for a romance writer nowadays, I’m a member of a few different Yahoo writing groups.  For both promotional and on-line friendship reasons, we writers need to be on top of things. One of these (many) groups is called Love Romance and More Cafe.   Everyday this yahoo group has different writers and publishers answering questions on the loop chats.  I got these question from that group.  I want to thank the group owner, Dawn,  for them.

So here goes:

 When writing do you have a routine that you stick too, i.e., phone turned off, music on, doors closed…that type of thing?

For me to get any new writing done, it needs to be as quiet as possible.  I can do stuff like update my web site and type in m/s changes that I’ve already handwritten on a copy of the chapter, but for new stuff I have to have peace and quiet.  Most of my new writing I do while my husband is at work.  I have a good eight hours to get a lot of stuff done then. 

Have you ever included a “real life” event in your stories at all?

I have included a few real life events in my writing.  Mostly they’re simple, less stressful things.  The greater the incident affected me; the less likely I will use it any time soon in my WIPs. 

How well can you type?  Or do you hunt/peck?

I can type pretty quickly.  I do about 100 words a minute (I’m just guessing here.) with a lot of typos to clear up.  But that’s what so good about Word.  It’s so easy fixing things up.  Many times I’ve looked at the scene and seen a bunch of stuff like this A bomcj pf stiff ;ole tjos/   I think every writer should learn how to type properly.  It makes everything so much easier.

Do you have a critique group or not?  If not who do you get to read your work before you submit it to your publisher?

I tried to write for many years without anyone reading or critiqueing my work.  I didn’t get anywhere, only received one rejection after another.  After I took a correspondence writing course, I found an on-line critique group on yahoo groups.  These wonderful ladies have help me a lot in polishing up my writing.  I’ve sold  two m/s that the ladies on my group critique for me, and I have one more waiting to be read with another publishers now.  (See previous entry.) I recently joined a second critique group for my sexier m/s and they’re just as helpful to me.  The two groups are Romantic at Heart and Romantica Writers Critique Club.  Unfortunately I had to drop out of the second group because I didn’t have the time to give the needed critiques.  I have left the link above for your pleasure. 

What is your writing process?  Do you outline, fly by the seat of your pants or a combination of both?

You can check out my other blog to find out the answer —  I do a bit of plotting but normally I just start writing.  I do need to know my characters a bit before I start, however.  My Men from Alaska book (hopefully) “A Betrayal of Friendship” was written before I truly knew who the hero and heroine were and now I find I’m doing a lot of revising in the beginning chapters to fix it up.  I believe the middle and ending are going to be fine.  This completed romance and the one previous to this will be major rewrites for me.  I figure once I finished the one I’m working on now, I’m going to go back and start from Chapter one til the end and rewrite both of them.  I have notes all over the manuscripts to guide me this time.  I’m thinking of redoing my paranormal romance first then redo “A Betrayal Of Friendship”.

By the way, the three things above–finish current WIP, redo Alaskan romance, and revise paranormal one–are the first three resolution on my list for 2008.

I’m in the final stretch of the first one.

What do you feel is the most important aspect for all new writers to remember when writing or creating their own stories?  Any advice for aspiring writers?

I think you need to be true to yourself when you write.  Write what you love to read.  New writers need to know writing is a journey; the more you write the better your writing will be.  And no matter what anyone says to you, never give up on your dream.  You must also read as many books you can get your hands on.  Books like ones you want to write and those you just find interesting.  By reading you will see what works and what doesn’t.    


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