So What’s Happening with Erin?

I bet you’re wondering who Erin is? 

Well, I have an answer for you.  Erin Patrick is my writing pen name.  Originally I was going to write all my stuff under this one name, but changed my mind.  Since I’ve decided to branch out into sexier, grittier romances with suspense and paranormal undertones, I needed to find a different name for my more traditional, family-types of romances.  Theresa Stillwagon is my real name. 

Oh, and by the way, Erin was the one who’d sold the two books to the electronic published, LoveStruck Books.

So, that explained, what actually did happen to Erin?

Fighting back the wave of tears threatening to fall, that’s what’s happening with Erin. 

When I first became a LoveStruck author, two women owned and ran the company.  Things were looking good.  Then one of the ladies husband’s got sick and, after much soul-searching on her part, she decided to stop being a part of the business.

Fine, I thought.  A bit later I got an email from the reminding owner stating she was downsizing the numbers of books published per year.  I had the choice of having my rights reverted back to me or signing an amended contract with new publishing dates.  I signed the new contract.  My books originally were to be released in August and October of 2007; the new contract moved them to January and April of next year.

Still fine, I thought. I can handle that.  A few days ago (months now) I got the worse news of all.  Because the owner was a writer first, she decided to concentrate on her writing and stop running the business.  It was a hard decision for her to make, but as of the month of August she would stop releasing new books.  I was devastated, but I do understand her reasoning.  Every self-respecting writer would do the same.  I know I would.  A writer needs to write.  All rights for the two books have been given back to me.

Life goes on.

The good thing is I already have three different electronic publishers to send the manuscript.  One seems a good fit for the books, a publisher I wanted to sent something to anyway.  I wanted to finished revising “Passionate Spirits” to send to them.  (One of those sexier, grittier paranormal romances I mentioned above.) Now I won’t need to do it.  I’ll just have to redo the synopsis and rewrite the query letter of my previously sold one.

And there is a good thing in all this.  When I did a google search of my pen name Erin Patrick, I found two other writers with the same name.  I’m planning on writing under my given name now– Theresa Stillwagon.  I doubt two other authors are using that surname.

So what’s happening with Theresa?

I’ve submitted “If Promises were Kept” to The Wild Rose Press a couple of months ago.  Last month they asked me to send them the first three chapters.  Hopefully within the next two or three weeks I’ll have some good news to report here.


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